Schesir Tuna and Kiwi Fruit Dinner Canned Cat Food 75g

Schesir Tuna and Kiwi Fruit Dinner Canned Cat Food 75g


Schesir Fruit Dinners are a newly introduced range of nutritious complimentary food for cats, with six distinctive flavours each containing different fruits.
Schesir appeals to cats and their owners not only with the appetising taste of its selected ingredients but also through providing a healthy and well-balanced diet.

This exceptional meal contains human-grade, high quality Tuna and Kiwi.
Tuna is great as a source of vital protein and omega-3 fatty acids.
This serves as the building block of many bodily functions and promoting healthy skin and coat.

Kiwi (the fruit, not the bird) is added to enhance the flavour and nutritional values of this meal.
This amazing fruit is high in vitamin C and a unique fat-free vitamin E, a natural source of antioxidants to support the immune system.
It contains the enzyme actinidain, which breaks down protein for absorption and aids better digestion.
Kiwi also has potassium needed for many basic bodily processes and Magnesium for nerve and muscle function.
Adequate levels of serotonin can also be found in Kiwi fruit, which helps to regulate appetite, boosts mood and alertness.

Moreover, each flavour of the Schesir Fruit Dinners showcases careful selection of the best parts of Chicken meat or Tuna fish that is steam cooked and hand processed.
Each meal also contains essential vitamins and nutrients to help stimulate the immune system, slowing down ageing and supports healthy digestion.
Schesir takes pride in using only 100% natural ingredients and all Schesir canned cat foods are free of artificial colourings, additives and chemical preservatives.

All the natural goodness of Tuna and chunks of Kiwi packed in one gold can, this meal is healthy and hearty at the same time.
Even the most demanding cats will enjoy this tasteful meal.

Tuna (45%), Kiwi (4%), Rice (2.1%)

Guaranteed Analysis:
Protein ― 10.5%
Crude Oils and Fats ― 0.5%
Crude Fibre ― 0.5%
Crude Ash ― 1%
Moisture ― 84%

Calorie Content:
80.4 kcal per 100g